Advice on Prefab Homes

Prefab Homes

In the housing industry, the phrase “prefab” often conjures up the image of a generic-looking, nondescript house or a mobile home. However,prefabhome.gif there are many reasons why these stereotypes deserve to be wiped away.

Today’s prefab homes (which include manufactured homes, modular homes, and kit homes) come in a wide array of styles and layouts — including a new wave of clean, modernist designs. And since they’re usually more affordable than traditional “stick-built” homes, buyers can get more for their money.

The Perks of Prefab

The following in favor of prefab houses are compelling:

  • Shorter construction time. Sections of the home are built in a factory, making for quick on-site assembly. Some modular houses, a type of prefab, can be installed in a matter of days. There are also fewer delays due to bad weather, which often happens when building on-site.
  • Less expensive. The home’s parts are created in a factory, which is more efficient, produces less waste than custom building and less labor is needed to assemble the home after it’s delivered to the site.
  • Eco-friendly designs. Many of today’s prefab houses use eco-friendly materials and designs that keep energy bills low.



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