Information About Green Roofs

Green Roof

Green roof technology is no stranger to the environment. It’s title is the exact meaning. It is plants that are grown on a roof of a building or house. A green roof reduces city heat, carbon dioxide, summer greenroof.jpgair conditioning cost, winter heat demand, noise, and storm water runoff. It is also good to have a green roof because it is aesthetically pleasing, neutralize acid rain effect, lengthen roof life by two to three times and provides a songbird habitat.

Depending on the location where you live is how the roof is constructed. Green roofs are built and designed based on the conditions of the area you live in. When determining the size of plants and the selection used, depth of the roof and climate are key. Most plants that are used in the process of building a green roof are drought tolerant. Grass, sedums, and cactus like plants are used in depths of only a few inches deep. In order to plant shrubs and small trees, the roof must be several feet deep.

Green roofs are mostly seen on flat roofs but a roof on a slight angle can be accomplished.


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