Natural Flooring

Natural Green Flooring

Natural flooring, non-toxic flooring, green flooring are all environmentally friendly, and come from renewable resources. These floors are available in bamboo, linoleum, cork and wood. greenfloor.jpg

Bamboo flooring is elegant, versatile, very durable, stable, anti-microbial, and water resistant. Nail-down or floating floors both come prefinished with an aluminum oxide 25 year warranted top coat.

Linoleum is made of linseed, cork, tree rosin, limestone, and jute. Biodegradeable, non-toxic, easy to maintain, anti-microbial. Use as flooring, countertops, and walls, for both residential and commercial applications.

Natural cork flooring comes directly from the bark of the Cork Oak tree and is layered with UV cured acrylic. Cork is highly durable, comfortable, sound, and thermally insulating. Use for flooring, walls, bulletin boards, underlayment. Costs about the same as hardwood flooring.

Wood flooring from sweden is a wide plank floating floor that is easy to install which makes it ideal for new or remodelled homes. It is also perfect for in-floor radiant heating and comes in Maple, Oak, Ash, Beach, Birch and Cherry.


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