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An Alternative to Fuel?

BMW Hyrdogren 7


Eco-friendly cars! Not many fuels in this world are produced from renewable sources like the sun, wind, water and biomass. In there are five liquid hydrogen refueling stations and there will soon be two in the United States. The re-fueling stations are as simple as the normal fuel pumps.

But the v-12 engine does have the ability to run off of fuel by the push of a button. But really, all the car needs is its 260 horsepower V-12 to keep it moving. This evolution in the automobile industry will eliminate the need for emission cycle and meet the energy needs.


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Think Nutrition!

Enjoy an Organic Vegan Food Bar

Why snack on junk food when you can enjoy a nutrition bar? These Organic Vegan Food Bars are organically grown, non-GMO, and cold-processed. Consisting of 90%nutritionbar.jpgalkaline-forming enzymatically-live organic super foods, this bar provides optimum nutrition for everyone looking for a quick meal. Don’t get yourself down about how nasty these nutrition bars are because of the ingredients. These bars have a fantastic taste for everyone to enjoy. Read on to find the ingredients and nutrition facts. Enjoy!

Ingredients:Organic Almond Butter, organic date paste, organic agave nectar, organic brown rice protein, organic bio sprouts – flax, organic raisins, organic bio sprouts – quinoa, organic sesame seeds

Nutritional Information:
Calories – 300
Total Fat – 12g (2g saturated)
Total Carbohydrates – 34g (20g sugars, 6g dietary fiber)
Protein – 14g
Sodium – 25mg (1% daily value)
Cholesterol – 0mg

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Prefab Shed Construction

Steps to Building a Prefab Building

  • Read the instructions thoroughly
  • Start by building the floor frame according to directions.
  • Make sure the frame is square by measuring diagonally from each corner
  • Toe-nail the floor frame to the foundation beams.
  • Next nail down the floor boards.
  • Assemble the walls according to directions.
  • Assemble and attach the supports for the ridge vents
  • Mark the ridge beam and attach rafter hangers.
  • Cover the entire building with asphalt-impregnated felt paper to act as a moisture barrier.
  • Attach shingles according to instructions
  • Nail down skip sheathing strips to roof.
  • Tack the vapor barrier felt paper to the sheathing strips.
  • Lay double row of shingles on first row then lay shingles on entire roof
  • alternating narrow and wide and covering seams.
  • Nail up corner trim and attach doors with low profile screws.

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