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Detergent of Choice!

Hazardous Detergents

Laundry. Its an everyday chore for everyone around the globe. Everyone wants clean and fresh clothes, bed sheets and even otherbioclean.jpg household items. All the detergents out there promise and attempt to coinvince you that their produce is going to make your clothes and such the freshest and cleanest. Well that’s good and everything but have you ever thought about where that detergent goes after it washes your items and makes them fresh?

Well check this out, laundry detergent runs right down a drain and into the waterways. Your waterways are by far not immune to the dangerous chemicals included in your detergents. Think about this, those chemicals and ingredients in the detergents get into your drinking supplies. So when you go to the store to pick up some detergent, look for the warning label because most likely, those are the hazardous products to use. Here are a few products that are environmentally safe:

· Bi-O-Kleen

· Cal Ben


· Ecover

Those are just to name a few.


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