Think Nutrition!

Enjoy an Organic Vegan Food Bar

Why snack on junk food when you can enjoy a nutrition bar? These Organic Vegan Food Bars are organically grown, non-GMO, and cold-processed. Consisting of 90%nutritionbar.jpgalkaline-forming enzymatically-live organic super foods, this bar provides optimum nutrition for everyone looking for a quick meal. Don’t get yourself down about how nasty these nutrition bars are because of the ingredients. These bars have a fantastic taste for everyone to enjoy. Read on to find the ingredients and nutrition facts. Enjoy!

Ingredients:Organic Almond Butter, organic date paste, organic agave nectar, organic brown rice protein, organic bio sprouts – flax, organic raisins, organic bio sprouts – quinoa, organic sesame seeds

Nutritional Information:
Calories – 300
Total Fat – 12g (2g saturated)
Total Carbohydrates – 34g (20g sugars, 6g dietary fiber)
Protein – 14g
Sodium – 25mg (1% daily value)
Cholesterol – 0mg


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Prefab Shed Construction

Steps to Building a Prefab Building

  • Read the instructions thoroughly
  • Start by building the floor frame according to directions.
  • Make sure the frame is square by measuring diagonally from each corner
  • Toe-nail the floor frame to the foundation beams.
  • Next nail down the floor boards.
  • Assemble the walls according to directions.
  • Assemble and attach the supports for the ridge vents
  • Mark the ridge beam and attach rafter hangers.
  • Cover the entire building with asphalt-impregnated felt paper to act as a moisture barrier.
  • Attach shingles according to instructions
  • Nail down skip sheathing strips to roof.
  • Tack the vapor barrier felt paper to the sheathing strips.
  • Lay double row of shingles on first row then lay shingles on entire roof
  • alternating narrow and wide and covering seams.
  • Nail up corner trim and attach doors with low profile screws.

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Green Tea!

Lipton Green Tea Bags

Pure and simple, Lipton’s natural green tea is made of the finest leaves from around the world. Clean and delicious, make this tea partgreen_tea_bags_lipton.jpg of your daily routine. Plus, green tea contains naturally protective (flavonoid) antioxidants.

Available in:
20 Tea Bags, 40 Tea Bags

100% natural green tea.

Nutrition Facts:
190mg of Antioxidants (flavonoid) per serving.
Serving Size: 1 tea bag (3.2g)

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Ben & Jerry’s Has Gone Green!

Ben & Jerry’s Organic Ice Cream

We all know and love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. It’s addicting taste keeps us coming back for more. Ben & Jerry’s has introduced anbenandjerrys.jpg organic line of ice cream. This Ben & Jerry’s Organic ice cream is loaded with all the stuff you love, & then some. The key is in the Certified Organic ingredients – they’re cultivated in environmentally sustainable ways, in cooperation with nature. All this, & a euphoric taste that’s certifiably Ben & Jerry’s! The organic flavors will be made using organic milk produced in Vermont.

Choosing from four different flavors ranging from strawberry, vanilla, sweet cream and cookies, and chocolate fudge brownie. The new line will be available in the scoop shops of the two cities, as well as natural foods stores.

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Green Driving!

Honda Civic Hybrid car

The Honda Civic Hybrid cars include a four-door sedan, a two-door coupe, an Si coupe, a more efficient Civic Hybrid, and a naturalhondahybrid.jpg gas-powered Civic GX. The most exciting of the Honda Civic Hybrid offerings is the Civic Si coupe, which is being touted as the fasted and most powerful Civic offered in its 20-year history.

The 2006 Civic Si boasts a 200-horsepower, 16-valve, and DOHC i-VTEC engine with an 8,000-rpm maximum red line. This new engine will offer significant gains in both power and fuel economy. Designed as an “Advanced Personal Compact,” vehicle, the Civic Si Hybrid incorporates flowing lines, high trunk deck and steeply angled windshield. The Civic Si also sports 18-inch cast aluminum wheels with 225/40R high performance tires, and 4-wheel disc brakes with large cross-drilled brake rotors and 4-piston calipers.

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Segway Personal Transporter

The Science Behind the Segway Personal Transporter

The Segway PT only has two wheels, yet it manages to stay upright by itself. To move forward or backward on the Segway PT, the ridersegway.jpg just leans slightly forward or backward. To turn left or right, the rider simply moves the Lean Steer frame left or right. The Segway PT is controlled by an intelligent network of sensors, mechanical assemblies, propulsion, and control systems. The second you step on, five micro-machined gyroscopic sensors and two accelerometers sense the changing terrain and your body position at 100 times per second.


Simply put, the Coriolis effect is the apparent turning of a moving object in relation to another rotating object. For example, an airplane trying to travel in a straight line can appear to turn because the Earth is rotating underneath it. The brains and brawn are made up of two identical and redundant sets of microprocessor-based electronic controller circuit boards, batteries and motor windings that operate together and share the load of driving the wheels. The Segway PT has a number of additional onboard microprocessors. The microprocessors run an advanced piece of software that controls the Segway PT. This program monitors all of the stability information coming from the gyroscopic sensors and adjusts the speed of the electric motors in response to this information.

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Ultra Touch Insulation

UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber insulation

UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber insulation is the successful combination of 25 years of insulation experience and a revolutionaryinsulation.jpg patented manufacturing process that has created a superior and safe product. UltraTouch natural cotton fiber insulation is made from high quality natural fibers. These fibers contain inherent qualities that provide for extremely effective sound absorption and maximum thermal performance. UltraTouch DOES NOT ITCH and is very easy to handle and work with.UltraTouch contains no chemical irritants and requires no warning labels compared to other traditional products. There are no VOC concerns when using UltraTouch, as it is safe for you and the environment.

UltraTouch natural cotton insulation is also a Class-A Building Product and meets the highest ASTM testing standards for fire and smoke ratings, fungi resistance and corrosiveness. UltraTouch contains 85% post-industrial recycled natural fibers making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to use a high quality sustainable building material. By installing UltraTouch, you are making both your building and the environment a safer place to live, work, and enjoy. Available in 5″/R-19 or 3″/R-13 for 16″oc or 24″oc framing.

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